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Whether you are installing a new deck or remodeling an existing one made of brick, concrete or Polypebble, Prodeck Rubber is a great solution to preventing water spots, cracking or mold buildup. Maintenance is EASY and custom colors makes Prodeck Rubber the most versatile deck surface in the Industry. At BLU Pools and Spas, we recognize that creating your outdoor oasis begins with customizing your look and feel of your environment.



Q/ Why rubber decking in Florida?

A/ Rubber Decking does not retain heat. Unlike other porous materials like brick or concrete, UV Rays are reflected off the rubber due to the polyurethane binder that is used when mixing and applying the rubber pool decking. This polyurethane protection also ensures that there will be no ambering (yellow tint) effect on the rubber surface once exposed to countless hours of sunlight.


Q/ How does rubber pool decking cover cracks?

A/ Florida residents are custom to having decking surfaces like concrete shift over time, leaving noticeable cracks in the deck surface. Cracks are the first place black and green mold love to grow. To eliminate cracks, mold and even water drainage issues, rubber pool decking is troweled, by hand, to the surface of your existing deck area. Rubber pool decking can be installed over standard concrete, pray decks, Flocrete, Knock Down and other concrete surfaces like stamped concrete. Rubber pool decking also can be installed over other hard surfaces like paver bricks and stone.


Q/ What is the maintenance schedule of rubber pool decking?

A/ The number one complaint heard from home owners is the hassle of having to paint their deck to keep up maintenance. With rubber pool decking, there is no painting! Rubber pool decking is the easiest decking surface in the Industry to maintain as it only requires the homeowner to rinse the surface with a water hose. Pressure washing is only used on   an as-needed basis.


Q/ What are the safety aspects of choosing rubber pool decking?

A/ Simple, not slippery when wet! There is a sound and secure reason why large amusement parks like Disney, Busch Gardens, and Wet n’Wild etc choose to use rubber decking as a form of a safety surface. Water is able to drain through rubber pool decking, allowing for a wet but not slippery surface like paint.


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BLU Pools and Spas is a family own & operated New Pool Builder serving Sarasota, Manatee, Venice, Lakewood Ranch and surrounding areas. We have been building & remodeling pools for over 40+ years! 


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